Using religion in vain

In “Spartacus”  a T.V drama aired on starz network it shows a version of ancient roman society how people how people used their religion. In the show it shows people using the gods as a way to take themselves out of a situation. when they have full control over their own lives they say “the gods” did it to lighten a serious situation. kind of mimicking what some people do in real life when they take serious political issues and use religion and god to argue their point and make them look like they are in the right. here is a clip from “Spartacus” that gives an example of using religion in vain

Batiatus says “the gods” a lot to help his situation but everything he talks about he caused. so when he says “the gods” it’s really a mockery because it doesn’t show any real belief.  God is synonymous with religion now a days and since the way religion is practice has been integrated and mixed to fit various religions it makes it hard for a person to even believe that god is real and has an effect on life.

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Ancient Greek Religion

The ancient Greek religion is a prime example of my argument about religion as a whole. The Greeks had certain practices and rituals but to categorize it as organized religion would be a far stretch. but over the years organized religion has become a version of what the Greeks did, which was take rituals and practices and apply them to a certain belief. a brief passage from this article I included in this blog says

“Classical Greek mythology and religion did not spring fully formed from the rocky Greek ground. They were, instead, amalgams of religious influences from Minoan Crete, Asia Minor, and native beliefs. Just as modern Christianity and Judaism have been significantly influenced by ancient Greek religion, the Greeks themselves were heavily influenced by the cultures that came before. What this means is that aspects of contemporary religious beliefs are ultimately dependent upon ancient cultures that we no longer have any access to or knowledge of. This differs sharply from the popular idea that current religions were created by divine command and without any preceding basis in human culture.”

This passage defines the point of, since the main religions of recent times have influences from ancient religion trying to influence people through the media using religion is not helpful because the almost all religions are effected from religions that were not even remotely close to what is supposed to be believed in today.

the full article can be found here….


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Interview that explains my motive

This website contains an interview with the author of the scholarly study Claiming Sacred Ground: Pilgrims and Politics at Glastonbury and Sedona. His name is Adrian Ivakhiv. He talks about the mixing of paganism with the Christian religion and how it effects people in general.#mce_temp_url#

Even though he explains that paganism came in many different forms and still exists today he notes that it did have an effect on Christianity. And that some pagan rituals like the celebration of the winter solstice got translated to represent Christianity. His points make it clear that religion as it is known today has a lot of mixed traditions that doesn’t have anything to do what Christianity is taught to mean.

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Spirituality obtained by internet

As technology begins to advance society begins to change, people use technology for their own personal use to get through life.  Second life is one of those tools that technology had bought society giving them a new outlook on what spirituality real is and what it can be. In Rachel Wagner’s piece there is a lot to question about second life. But one thing that is certain, is that second life is definitely a tool were people with different beliefs can be joined to one another to share their own beliefs about religion and life.

It seems to me that Second life might be helpful in a very surface type of way. Experiencing any kind of deep sense of a higher being is hard to do on the internet because there’s no real interaction when dealing with cyberspace. But as far as connecting with other people and seeing what spirituality can be for other people, cyberspace helps the process of connection.

My only fear is that second life will become a fad like Myspace.  When Myspace first came out everyone jumped on the band wagon, and even though Myspace is still around and people still have accounts, it is no longer seen as first choice when contacting, and connecting with people. There are so many distractions and changes happening on the internet how can one really expect to hold onto a deeper connection with faith on the internet?

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Power always plays an important role in any government, religion, or social structure. In Malory Nye’s Religion: The basics, she puts into place the idea that people high up in these structure usually set the standards of what is considered good, and high quality. The more money a person has, the more education that is obtained, and the more social recognition is equal to the more say in what is being recognized as the standard of living as a whole.  The people with power set the guidelines to what is high culture and to be strived for.

For example the protests in Egypt that are leading to political reform. Now that there is a call for change there will be strategic moves to not only keep everyone calm but also keep the people who have most of the control in power. A CNN article proves Malory Nye’s point about power and how the standard is set

The article is clear that in Egypt the power lies within the religious parties and when everything is all put in place they will have set everything up where they will still be in power.  The article points out that Egypt will more than likely take a few pointers from other Arabic countries and may have a political structure like Iraq. And since Religion plays a big part in most of these Arabic countries Egypt’s government will have their quality of life, society, and religion standards based of what the people in power feel is religiously acceptable.

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Hello world!

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